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Our kits automate irrigation alongside data collection

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Farm analytics

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Automation is a key component to optimise your farm operations. That’s why we have developed our irrigation scheduling system to help you improve your crop yield, increase farm income and water usage by upto 60%.

  • Keep track of the growth cycle of your crop

    Use our automation feature to dispense precise amouts of water depending on the plants growth stage.

  • Monitor water stress on both the soil and crops

    Detecting water stress in crops accurately is the basis of precision irrigation techniques.


Crop Watch

Get time-series data on the health of your farm and key insights about the state of your crops, soil and environment. With Kuza Kit your farming knowledge is a click away!

  • With Kuza Kit, you'll track the health of your crops and soil over time and make informed decisions on farm practices.

  • Get a snapshot of your farm's climate at any given moment and enjoy features like remote farming.


Weather Analytics

Weather forecasting in agriculture is a determining factor, assisting farmers in reaping healthy and abundant yields.

  • Estimated precipitations and temperatures alongside historical data are the key weather parameters for agriculture to schedule field operations from seeding to harvesting

  • Minimize risk during harvest time by getting reliable microclimate reports directly on your phone.


Farm Analytics

Grow more crops and increase your income with Kuza Kit. Get automated irrigation scheduling, remote sensing services and customised reports on your farm's inputs, soil health and weather conditions.

  • Reports

    Get customised reports on your farm's inputs, soil health and weather conditions

  • Insights

    Get recommendations and forecasted reports on seasonal input usage to plan for the next season



Get agronomic insights delivered to your dashboard powered by remote sensing technologies

  • On-call agronomist

    Send and receive messages to an on-call agronomist via your portal at no extra cost.Get customised advice based on your farm data.

  • Farm visits

    Schedule ,record and keep track of farm visits by an agronomist, all from your portal.



We partner with suitable value chain players to ensure a seamless cross-platform experience for our farmers to get the most value for their farms at affordable prices.

  • Lower input costs

    Access inputs from our partners at lower unit costs through our demand-driven model.

  • Complimentary services

    Access complimentary services such as irrigation kits ,organic fertilizers and extension services without the trouble of having to search and offer sensitive information ,by using our farm profiles.



To eliminate post-harvest losses, here's how we help you:

  • Forecast Yield

    We use various farm data points to forecast your seasonal harvest so as to help you plan for the harvest time.

  • Market Linkage

    We partner with marketplace platforms that use forecasted yield to create demand-driven models to help prevent post-harvest losses and maximize revenue for the farmer.