Building the Data frontier in agriculture

We are building an end-to-end data platform to unlock technological innovation in the agricultural sector.

Are you a farmer?

Farming is a risky endeavor. There's so much that can go wrong from unreliable weather to pests and diseases , something can always ruin your crops.

What if there was a way to mitigate risks farmers face by using a resource they have in abundance?

At Limachain, we are in the business of giving farmers confidence and control over their lives by extracting value from farm data.


Technology in Agriculture

Our platform is centred around giving the most value to make a farmer's life relatively hassle-free while getting their farms to maximum yields with the following supporting notions;

  • Reliable technology to drive your farm
  • Easy to use with no technical knowledge required
  • Affordable systems to serve you best
  • Why Choose Us


    Save time and money spent on wasted water and farm labour by utilising our automation feature. Forecast seasonal farm expense with our farm analytics feature.


    View your farm's status, weather forecast, automation controls and and best practice recommendations ;All on one unified platform.

    One-stop Solution

    Through our value chain partnerships ,get access to farm inputs, marketplace and extension services on demand.